Sunday, August 19, 2012

Training for the 11 city tour

In 2 weeks the 11 city tour starts again. For me the main race of the season, 220 km in 5 days. A combination of strength, strategy and endurance makes this an different race than all the others. Lately I have been picking up the pace in training, specially in endurance. It is all about time on the water. Yesterday I did another 5 hr run here on Maui. Another part of the 11 city is the mental part, the longer a race is the harder it will be mentally. During 6 hours of racing a day you won't be on a high the whole time. So you have to bite through even when it us a little tougher. The weather can play a big part in this race. Last year we had 2 days of very strong wind which made it even tougher but also more interesting. I wil be writing on the blog every day during the race to give you an inside scoop of the 11 city tour in the Netherlands.
Aloha from Maui