Thursday, June 30, 2011

A great Welcome back on Maui

At my arrival I couldn't hardly walk on the beach, not because of the lack of strength but unlike on my board the beach felt like it was moving, it took me all night to find my land balance again. Dagmar and Soleil really took care of me, fed me put me in the shower and put me to bed. The next day the doctor took a look at all the infections I had on my feed and my burnt hands. I just got some antibiotics to prevent a staff infection. And for the rest I felt great.
Also the day after my arrival in Kauai I started to realize how much publicity this crossing got, Amazing, I got so much messages and emails from all over the world. A big thank you to every body for those encouragements, congratulations and wishes.
We spend 2 days in Kauai, where I enjoyed the comfortable beds at the Marriott Kauai hotel, the food ( I lost 12 pounds) and specially being together with my wife and daughter, After this trip I really enjoyed them all to the fullest. This crossing had been the hardest thing I have ever done but it felt really rewarding.
On Tuesday we flew back to Maui where I was "really" surprised by at least 30 of my good Maui friends who all showed up at the airport for a big welcome and many leis and chocolate ( I like that combination)

A suprised and happy look on our faces at the airport

The my Maui friends

My beautiful daughter

My trainings partner and good friends Connor (left) and Livio (right)

The family back together again

Photographer Jimmy Hepp (left) and Rob(right)

Full page in AD (Dutch) newspaper.

Today I googled a little and came up with hundreds of Newspaper around the world who pick up this story. This is good for Stand Up and good for my sponsors.

A few thank yous

STARBOARD for making the best SUP boards and helping me in anyway they can throughout the year in any part of the globe

Tom Hammerton for his weather forecast which were essential for my decisions along the way

His wife Anne Leete for here press releases

Mark Raaphorst SIC, for making the 'directional device' on the board which help me stay on course even in strong side winds

My wife Dagmar & daughter Soleil who despite having a hard time while I was doing this, pulled through and helped covering the story (this blog and press) like no one can.

DAKINE for always helping out with gear on my adventures

Black Project fins for making the fastest fins

CONTOUR for water sport cameras

Marriott Kauai for this beautiful hotel, with those comfy beds

Micheal Tokunaga, Serrell and Joe for helping me on the Big Island getting the board and bring me to Keo Kea my starting point.

Chris Jensen for the live stream on Kauai

I am going to start writing the inside story of this crossing.


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  1. You are loved Bart and we're all just so happy everything went well. Phew!