Thursday, June 21, 2012

Germany 4 Lake trophy and Lost Mills race

Thursday started with the 4 lake trophy about 70 competitors from Germany and the rest of Europe came for 3 days of racing  in Germany's biggest race this year.

The 4 Lake Trophy constisted of  2 races, a sprint and a long distance everything in one day. The sprints were done in 8 man heats with 4 advance until the 8 man final. All the heats went very smoothly. All the top Austrian, Spanish, German, Italian and Swiss made it into the final. I had a good start but so did Olaf Schwarz (olympic kano paddler) and Belar Diaz and Peter Bartl. I gave it all to at arrive at the turn around buoy first.  After a tight turn and a sprint to the beach I got  in first to the finish.
1. Bart de Zwart STARBOARD
2. Peter Bartl      Mistral
3. Belar Diaz      Fanatic
4, Fabrizio Gasbarro Fanatic
5. Olaf Schwarz Naish

Next was the long distance. We had a long starting line with a racers lined up. I started as hard as I could trying to make at least 1 or 2 board length between me and the rest before the first buoy. Peter Bartl started fast too but couldn't hold the pace. My board an ACE 14' is fast but doesn't turn  that easy. But with the little gap this was no problem at the first buoy. I tried to stay at the same pace and keep my gap for 3 rounds around 4 buoys. Behind me was a group of 5 racers with Belar Diaz, Peter Bartl, Fabrizio Gasbarro and Martin Mortiz. I was very glad I took some water because it got very hot and the water kept me going. The last leg I slowed down a little with enough room to spare. Fabrizio saw this and stepped up his pace and closed in a little. So I finished with a face pace again finishing with a comfortble margin. This was a good racing day for me. With both races in control. I knew though the next day was another race with a few more racers coming.
1.Bart de Zwart, STARBOARD
2.Fabrizio Gasbarro, Fanatic
3. Peter Bartl, Mistral
4. Belar Diaz, Fanatic
5. Mortiz Martin. Starboard

LOST MILLS international

Next was the lost mills race. I felt good but knew after the North Sea crossing and the race yesterday I had to give everything to stay up front. More than a 100 racers showed up. for this race. My start was not like the days before my paddle got stuck between 2 boards. 2 people fell next to me. All hectic and I was happy to stay on my board. The pace was fast. with 2 groups trying to get the lead. I managed to paddle around to the back of Eric Terrien and Caspar Steinfath who was leading one group. From the other side it was Chase Kosterlitz who sad yesterdays race out and wanted to show the world is fast. With big strokes he paddled to the front with Eric , Caspar and me  trailing behind him. First we went over the first lake, to a dam where you had to run with your board over it to paddle around the second lake, back to dam again and finish on the first lake.
At the run I lost my connection with the first 3 and Leo even overtook me on the run. I have always been a better paddler than runner. Now it was Fabrizio right behind me, Leo 3 board lengths in front and the top 3 in front of him.
The put my head down and gave everything to get on Leo's tail again which I managed still followed by Fabrizio who was on fire today. On the way back we both pulled away from Leo. On the run I could keep Fabrizio behind me. Chase and Eric were to far in front to catch up Caspar slowed down a lot and was looking around obvious getting tired. I gave everything until the finish but couldn't catch up with Caspar. I tried to pull away from Fabrizio who stuck to me almost all the way only near the finish I managed to get 2 board lengths of space to secure my 4th place.

Men’s Top 5
2nd: Eric Terrien
3rd: Casper Steinfath
4th: Bart de Zwart     STARBOARD
5th: Fabrizio Gasbarro
Women’s Top 5
2nd: Beate Bolg (12’6″)
3rd: Sonja Duschek
4th: Manca Notar
5th: Ulla Waidhuber

Great racing, great event and a good feel between all the racers. Thanks to STARBOARD Germany (Flo) with the fastest boards

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