Tuesday, June 19, 2012


SUP CUP St. Maxime, FRANCE  may 2012

After last year's good vibe, I had to come back  to France. A big race with over a 100 racers from all over. Truly international with all Europe's top riders and a few from the US, Hawaii and Tahiti.
Together with Lost Mills race in  Germany  and the 11 city in Holland, St Maxime is one of  Europe's biggest races. This year I came with my good friends Martijn van Deth and Dennis van der Panne from Holland.
Here  I am chasing Eric for First place

The day before the race the mayor invited Eric Terrien and me for a drink in the town hall. A classy french man with good humor.
On race day it was clear and no wind.
This year all the Elite races were on 12'6, Starboard France organized a ACE 12'6 for me. One of Starboard's fastest boards.
First the sprint race. 3 rounds  around buoys and a run on the beach with every round. I started well and came around the first buoy in 2nd place.  I held on to 2nd on the first round. Eric was 2 board length in front of me. In the 2nd round I saw a wake from a passing boat and tried to get on it to make some ground back. I tried a little to hard my rail caught and fell into the water, losing 3 costly place. Suddenly I was fighting to stay in 5th place instead of 2nd. Chase Kosterlitz was trying to pass so were 2 french guys form Normandy. After a hard battle I managed to stay in 5th with Eric terrien, Gaetan, Leo and Caspar in front of me.

With the long distance I was ready for a battle. After again a fast start. It was Eric , Gaetan and me in front. But still every body was there behind us.one little mistake and 10 would take your place.
It was hot and no wind so I was glad I brought a little bit of water. Unfortunately the course was chaotic, with all of us not always knowing where to go. At one point suddenly a boat appeared which we had to round. I was on the wrong side and lost a lot of costly places again. Suddenly back in 12th place. Luckily it was still a long race. Chase and I started to make our way back to the front. Little by little we came back with top 5 insight. But Eric and Gaetan were to far ahead. Chase and I sprinted passed the no 4 and 5. On the finish it was Eric 1st, Gaetan 2nd , Chase 3rd, Bart 4th and Leo 5th.

So a great event with mixed results.


Overall Top 6

Big thank you to STARBOARD, world's fastest boards, DAKINE sup gear and clothing, Black Project and the best Windsurf and SUP shop Kanaha Kai Maui

Next I went to Holland to prepare for the North Sea Crossing

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