Thursday, September 8, 2011

11-city 2nd day update

2nd day 11 city tour
Another windy and rainy day.
We started in the same lake as yesterday going straight into the wind. It was another fast start again. This time there was a long line behind me drafting into the wind. We pushed really hard. Ryan pulled up right next just when we had a 3 meter gap on the rest. So I told Ryan let's go. We worked hard, sharing the lead when we crossed the lake we had a good lead. Which we kept the whole day. The last 2 hrs Paul Jackson and Casper were pushing hard to gain ground on us. So we were working hard all day right up to the finish. It came to a sprint again.
1st Bart de Zwart 5hrs 30min
2nd Ryan James (eng) 3 sec
3 rd Casper Steinfach (Danemark) 3 min

1st Angie Jackson
2nd Anne-Marie

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