Sunday, September 11, 2011

11 city update

3 rd day
An easier day with nice weather and light winds from the back. I started very fast and got away all alone. But I knew if the rest would work together it would be hard to do the next 5 hrs by myself. So I pushed hard but not to hard. After 45 minutes Ryan caught up and 5 minutes later 4 others. We stayed together until 5 km before the finish when I pulled away with Ryan right behind me. It came to a sprint again.
1st Bart de Zwart
2nd Ryan James
3rd Casper Steinfach

Day 4
This day we took it a little easier. Jacco, Casper, Ryan and I took the lead most of the day with a long train behind us. After the break we were only seven left. I took the lead the last 12 km. 4 km before the finish it got hectic. Casper took over with a lot of speed. We just stayed behind me. 500 before the finish when is as about the push for 1st again we got to a low bridge were my paddle hit the bridge and the water which stopped me dead and pulled me of the board. Afterbody passed me. I got back on the board paddling like crazy making up little by little. Ryan made mistake after I could pass him again. 10 meter before the I screwed up again and fell I don't on why. Just a big screw up. Which lost me 6 seconds

1st Casper Steinfach
2nd Jake Jensen
3rd Ryan James

I am still in 1st place overall with james 4 second behind and Paul Jackson 13 min behind us.

The race is on.

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