Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An exiting first day

11 city tour update
A big storm passed by last night. At the start it was a little calmer with 20-30 knots.
I had a good start with 3 others right behind me. Ryan James, Paul Jackson and Jake Jensen. We had head wind right from the start. We worked together for a couple of hours. 2 km before or reststop in Sneek I pushed up the pace with who Ryan came along and we had minute on the other two at the stop a nice gap to start the rest of the race.
We worked hard for the next 2 hours and increased the gap. Hard work with fierce winds. And then we got to the lake 30 knots from the side and almost impossible to get to the otherwise where we wanted. Ryan start well but fell a few times. It was about 30 minutes paddle on our left side.
When we finally got to the other side, it was still Ryan and me. It came to a sprint to the finish where I narrowly beat Ryan by 3 seconds.
1st Bart de Zwart 5 hrs 28
2nd Ryan James 3 seconds
3rd Paul Jackson 8 minutes 10 seconds

In women Anne- Marie came in 1st
Tomorrow. One more day with head winds
Aloha from Holland

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