Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SUP Crossing England - Holland, 185 kilometers

The plan is to cross on a SUP Stand Up Paddle Board (STARBOARD 14' Open Ocean) from England to Holland, solo, non stop and unsupported.
I will be starting near Lowestoft and arrive in Holland in Zandvoort at THE SPOT. It is about a 100 miles (182 KM), which is . This is the first attempt of this crossing by Stand Up paddle board.
I was waiting for a break in  the Easterly winds Holland has had for the last weeks. Suddenly a window of 48 hours appeared enough to get this adventure going.

Today I am arranging all my gear and getting ready.  It will be a 20-30 hours paddle. Weather looks very good right now.
I have an Eprib, a personal locator beacon with GPS position, this device has two purposes, one; in case of a life threatening situation (only then) it will sent a signal via Satellite to a rescue coordination center, second with this particular device I can send a limited amount of messages to friends and family on shore to let them know my GPS position.
2 GPS’s and maps to make sure where I am.
Navigation lights on a little mast (only at night)
Flares, Smoke signals and hand flares
2 Compasses, charts/ maps
VHF radio
Cell phone

Back up paddle and extra shaft

Warm clothing in dry and wet circumstances. (1 mil short wetsuit and a 5 mil full wetsuit) Wet shoes, beanie rain trouses and softshell DAKINE jacket against the wind and cold.
A mixture of dryfreezed food, nuts, dry fruits, granola bars, chocolate, perpetuem (liquid sports food and recoverite (liquid recover drink) and electrolyte drinking powder.
I will be looking forward to fruits and veggies when I get there.


I will be taking enough water with me for the whole trip and 2 days extra in acse of emergency.

There will be regular updates on this blog.