Thursday, May 31, 2012

Waiting, waiting...., May 31st 2012 1:30pm in Holland

Everybody is waiting in Zandvoort and around the world to hear something from Bart, to see him popping out of the mist and paddle towards TheSpot Watersport Center. During the last hours mist and wind came up. That was not expected. It's blowing now 15kn from the side, will turn to southsouthwest during the next hours. We can only wish and hope that he is close to the coast and not far out there. Bart's father Ernst is there on the beach, looking out for him. Here on Maui we are 12h behind. It's 1:30am in the night. I am relieved that our daughter Soleil is sleeping and she doesn't have to worry right now. But Bart said himself that he will at least need 24h-30h for the crossing.

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