Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thank you to family and friends for all the support, Maui, May 30th 2012

I am really touched by all the messages, txts and all the e-mails I am getting from around the World concerning Bart Kanaha Kai Maui SUP crossing from England to Holland, which he started solo, unsupported and nonstop 13h ago. A lot of you are asking, if I have news, more pictures, more coverage of the whole crossing.

Anita Harris, the English photographer is working on the pictures from hi
s start.
But this time we have to be patient. Bart can't send out position reports in the English Channel. It can be still 10-12h more. until he will call me when he is closer to the coast of Holland.

Lokker Maurice and Nancy Wesselsz, the owners of TheSpot Watersport in Zandvoort/Holland are preparing his reception. And they for sure are eager to know his arrival time as soon as possible.

Sure, I am nervous. It's nervewrecking to wait that long, for somebody who is that close, my husband, best friend and Soleil's dad. So let us all think positiv. We know he is a very determind and great waterman and tries his best to reach his goal. Thank you again for all your warmhearted and very touching support. We feel honored to have so many family and friends supporting his adventures.

Go Bart Go!!!

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  1. Please tell Bart that there are a bunch of gondoliers following him (on the internet, not in boats).

    Go Bart!