Friday, May 23, 2014

Big Thanks for all the support

Arrival Bora Bora, Evening news France
Thanks everybody for the tremendous support during the French Polynesian Crossing. I had messages from all over the world and feel proud to have some many friends and that I can inspire so many others. The biggest compliment I got here was being called a Aito (Tahaitian Warrior) by several French Polynesians.  Although I had almost forgot how tough this can be, it was very rewarding to make it in 4 days and had plenty of time to think about the things which are important in life; Friends and enjoy the moment.

The biggest thanks goes out to my biggest friends my wife Dagmar and daughter Soleil.

Also big thank you to Jean Claude (Starboard Tahiti) and Stephan Lambert, #kainaluxt for everything they organized in Tahiti and Bora Bora.
Starboard for the best boards available. Supskin fro a great drysuit, Maui Jim for the prefect sunglasses. Hotel Softitel Bora Bora for a stay in Paradise. Patagonia for the best adventure clothing. And Tom from Black Project for the weather forecast and fins.
#starboardsup#supskin#mauijim#sofitelborabora#blackprojectfins #patagonia
Enjoy this short movie by Gilles Hucault of the arrival in Bora Bora which was on the evening news in French Polynesia and France.

Aloha and Iaorana from Tahiti.

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