Sunday, May 18, 2014

Position update, May 18th 2014, 6:22am

Bart at 3:00am: "...slept a little, started paddling, feel good, let's finish this..."

Bart at 5:42am: "...all good on board..."

His position at 6:22am: Lat -16.631230, Lon - 151.305835

Right now he has Tahaa Island right in front of him. His board speed went down. He is probably eating and drinking something. This will be an intense day of paddling if he wants to make it before the sun sets.
But I know he is determined to finish today and not to spend another night out in the open ocean.

The reef entrance into Bora Bora lagoon is on the far west side of the island. Due to the wind conditions he needs to approach from the north.
Our friend Tom Hammerton is his weatherman. I will contact him to see if the wind conditions are still calling for that.
Last night I slept 5hrs in a row and not only 1 or 2, that's why there was no post at 3am.
Soleil and I will be so relieved when he is back on land. Yeahhh... Go Bart Go!

Aloha from maui, Dagmar

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