Monday, May 12, 2014

Got the board and made it on the flight to Tahiti

After a stressful day which started at Korean Air this early morning at 6:30, right after I arrived in LA. They gave me the paperwork and sent me to Customs who told me to come back in 5 hrs.
After I came back in the afternoon customs said I normally need a couple of days and didn't know if it would work out today. But with a big smile and a lot of patience they released the board. A couple of hours later, I checked in with Air Tahiti Nui. Normally the allow only a max length of 8'5". I came with 2 bags and a 14'er.
Again with a big  smile and a  little magic at the counter, they checked me in. Tahiti here I come.

Weather looks good for the next week. Medium trades in Ok direction.
I can't wait to try out the board...

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