Sunday, May 18, 2014

Position update, May 17th 2014, 8:30pm

Bart : "...wind is better, I feel better, planned arrival for tomorrow around 5:30pm, lost pump for air mattress yesterday night when I capsized, blew it up now anyway, not as good, but I could lay down..."

Bart made great progress in the past hours and feels very confident when the wind and current stays like this, to make it by tomorrow late afternoon, yeahhh. That would be awesome.

His position at that time: Lat -16.656175, Lon -151.078491

I could even talk to him on the phone when he came closer to Huahine, around 4pm. He sounded good, tired, but in good spirit.


  1. Hiro, get Mark Garnier to take you out @ meet Bart.
    Terry Mason

  2. Keep up the good spirit. I am proud that the small boy I knew now does things like this