Sunday, July 7, 2013

Almost leaving for the Arctic Canada

Last week finally my 16' STARBOARD board arrived and almost all the equipment I will need on this crossing. This board looks great, strong and the perfect size for an expedition like this. Big thanks to Starboard.
 I will have about 65 kilos (140lbs) of gear + 40 kilos (80lbs) of water. It is always more than you expect.  This specially reinforced board is also about 30 kilos (50lbs). So all together I will be travelling with 100 kilos (220 lbs) of gear.
I will bring 10 days of food supplies, although I expect to cross in 4-7 days. But it is a long way to paddle and the conditions can change.  Weather  and wind will have a lot of influence on the speed.

I will probably take the direct route from Qikiqtarjuaq (Canada) to Sisimiut (Greenland).  First I had planned to go along the coast for 60 miles and than use the shortest distance (200 miles), but it looks like it is better to go straight over (245 nautical miles).

First I will be running some tests at the launch site for a couple of days to see how the gear is working and how I get along with the cold climate. I have to feel 100% good about my gear and the weather before I decide to go. I won't be shy to cancel everything if it doesn't feel right. Every year is different. I have to see what the weather conditions are like this year.
Tom Hammerton will be my weather man. He sees the big picture and will give me daily updates about the wind strength and directions, so I can decide which course to follow. 

Also this time I will bring along my sup bed, which I used 2 years ago.

I also made an extra side fin for the front of the board. I have always had one on my other crossing boards but this time it was a little trickier because it is an inflatable. 

This time I will bring an emergency sail with me. If I get stuck in bad weather and strong winds  I can use my sail. My spare shaft also functions as a mast.  


16' STARBOARD inflatable with attachments for gear and with extra fins in the front of the board to avoid the nose from drifting with side wind. 2x pump.

I will bring 3 paddles, one also functions as a mast.

Satelite tracker (also works as epirb)
Satelite phone
Nautical maps
2x compass
watermaker (makes drinking water from salt water)
Battery back up with Solar
Extensive Medical kit
inflatable bed
extra small inflatable for emergency
sea anchor (when I get strong head winds)
emergency small sail 

2x SUPSKIN drysuit.
1x PATAGONIA emergency winter wetsuit, neo boots and neo gloves
PATAGONIA Adventure clothing. Down Jackets, base layers, socks, 

10x muesli breakfast
10x lunch
10x dinner
nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, cookies, tea, hot chocolate 
Hammer endurance (bike) food, Perpetheum
Electrolyte sports drink Heed
Mountain oven (flameless warming pads to heat up food)
40 liter of water for 10 days

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