Friday, July 26, 2013

Kangaatsiaq, Arctic Tundra.

Today Bart had to decide what his possibilities were, if he would continue paddling south from Kangaatsiaq or call this little village his final destination for his Arctic Expedition.
With the daily mileage he could paddle, it was not possible to make it to Sissimuit. The wind conditions were too unpredictable. Paddling against the head winds with all the weight on the board for the last 2 days wore him out a lot.
The intense lack of sleep took a big toll as well. The transportation options here in the remote Arctic Tundra are very limited. The next airport to get him back to Nuuk, for his flight out of Greenland on Monday, would be Aasiaat. So he needed to find an internet option in a little town with 500 inhabitants and a fisherman who would go North towards Aasiaat.

He found a fisherman who would be on his way to Aasiaat around noon and very friendly people at the local gas station where he could use their internet and find a flight from Aasiaat for tomorrow morning to Nuuk.

So after all those days paddling in Arctic water he is very much looking forward to come back to the warm summer climate of Hawaii. He will return to Maui on Wednesday and then post about his adventure. We will keep you updated.

Thank you very much to all his sponsors for making this incredible expedition possible. STARBOARD, Patagonia, SUPskin and Maui Jim.
Thank you to weatherman Tom Hammerton.
Thank you to all our friends, family and supporters for all the amazing, touching and encouraging emails, text- and Facebook messages from around the world.

"Aluu" from Greenland, Bart

Aloha from Maui, Dagmar and Soleil.

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