Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where is Bart now?

Last night Bart camped on Qepertarsuatsiaq Island. He had a good night sleep and stayed warm, what's the most important for him when he gets some rest from the paddling.
"The ski is still an intense blue, a beautiful little island, but you feel as if you're on the moon. That's the Arctic Tundra, no trees around you, just vegetation composed of mosses, shrubs, lichens and grass. Trees can't grow here as the soil is frozen for most of the year. There must be fresh water close by. A lot of birds are surrounding me."

As I could see on Bart's tracker he paddled further south the whole day, always using the cover of the island chain to escape some head winds. But the wind conditions are changing constantly. For a little while he even had down wind conditions and made between 6-8miles/hour. Greenland is 8h ahead of us. It's almost 9pm here on Maui and I can see that he is resting on the board now, protected in a bay in Kangaatsiaq.

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