Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bart paddling in the ice fjord of Ilulissat Glacier.

This morning Bart called from his satellite phone. He is testing his STARBOARD Astro Inflatable 16' in the ice fjord of Ilulissat Glacier.
He said, the scenery here is absolutely breathtaking. The sun is out, the ice shows all shades of blue, white and grey. Temperature is a little above 0 degrees Celsius. All his clothing keeps him warm, the sun glasses protect him from the intense light reflection of the ice. He is surrounded by ice, looks for water ways to get through.
I could tell how impressed he was. He is waiting that the sun sets around 1am at night!!! to take some pictures.
He will sleep on the ice, test all his equipment tonight and tomorrow and will do another board test. Then Bart will be on his way south, paddling for 4-6 days towards Sisimuit, equipped with supplies for 10 days.
His last satellite message from 1h ago: "Paddling strong".


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  1. Have you tried night paddling with LED lights? Check it out here