Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back home from the Arctic expedition

After 2 weeks I am back home again. It took me 7 flights and 2 days to get from Aasiaat, Greenland to Maui. 

On this expedition I  made some amazing pictures and I am working on the story of this 'cool' place which will go to the major online and print magazines.

Deciding not to do the crossing probably took me more courage than actually doing the crossing. But I am glad I didn't do it. 
In the week I paddled in Greenland I have seen the condition change radically from relatively warm to icy cold and windy. With the low pressures and the amount of ice it wouldn't have been safe.  Even now I had days with headwinds  were it took me 8 hrs to do 12 mile. Although normally a very fast  board, this  inflatable with the amount of gear I had, just wasn't fast enough for long distances.

This Arctic Expedition was only possible with the help of my main sponsor STARBOARD who supported me over  the years in many ways. 

SUPSKIN made me an amazing comfortable drysuit and PATAGONIA supported me with warm clothing, the warm R5 shirts and pants and the jackets did their job. 
MAUI JIM's sunglasses, this was probably the only place where I wore them 24 hrs a day. 
POCKETFUEL  for tasty food  and Tom Hammerton of BLACK PROJECT for all his help with the weather forecasts.

The icy waters around Ilulissat
Aloha, Bart

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